Hi there!

I’m Roshini,  the owner of Frosty Bites and with me is our Chief Doggie Ice Cream Taste Tester, Layla!

We’re from Hong Kong who are passionate about providing awesome experiences for our dog friends.


The idea for our dog ice creams hatched in early 2018, when we adopted Layla, I always made  ice cream treats for her and she loved it, then I started bringing them to the dog park and all the doggies had a feast with the ice cream especially on a HOT humid Hong Kong afternoon… when we can enjoy a nice cold treat, why cant our furry friends enjoy it too?


We use all natural, human-grade ingredients to create a healthy ice cream for your dog. You won’t find harmful artificial ingredients here!

With most dogs being lactose intolerant, obviously our ice cream had to be dairy-free. To do this, we use coconut milk which is great for your dog’s health – some even call it a super food!  and we use real ingredients to flavour our treats.

All of our ingredients are 100% natural & 100% delicious and approved by a pet nutritionist.